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Affiliate Marketing

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Using the right tools within affiliate marketing is key to increase your income. We have listed the best affiliate marketing tools for you in one overview.

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What art the best affiliate marketing programs to join? We are helping you with this, wether you are starting or looking for new programs to join. See them all listed here.

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Why Affiliate Marketing?

Travel The World With A Stable Income

Having a passive income allows you to travel the world and work from anywhere you want.

Enjoy life more

Building a passive income stream will allow you to create your own working hours, which allows you to get ‘freedom’.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Working in affiliate marketing (as a side hustle) will teach you a lot of things, which can be really valuable when searching a new job.

Become a Your Own Boss

By building a revenue stream for yourself you can become your own boss, make sure you are not to strict for yourself 😉

Become An Expert

When getting started in affiliate marketing you will gain a lot of knowledge, become an expert and help others.

Peace of mind

Having a stable income without making the hours will give you a sense of freedom plus great peace of mind.

Popular Courses

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing this is a great intro video. It will show you exactly what affiliate marketing is, how it works and how you can earn money doing it.

5 Affiliate Marketing mistakes

Don’t lose a lot of money by making these ‘beginner’ affiliate marketing mistakes so you can take off your business quickly and start generating an income.

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How to get the best results

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Go for the long term

Choose products you like so you don't come off scammy.

Diversify your programs

Get involved in more programs to avoid any (big) surprises.

Review affiliate links

Periodically check your links to see if they still work.

Read the Terms & Conditions

Always know what the terms and conditions are of a program.

Our Story

We want to make Affiliate Marketing available for everyone and help others to build a (second) income. Our journey has started with Sales Loves Marketing which generates money via affiliate links.

Our goal is to create a stable income that allows us to do what we want, how we want, and when we want it. We hope to get your there as well, learn more about our numbers!









What Our Students Say

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Affiliate Marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Marketing is a form of Marketing for companies where others (individuals / companies) do the marketing for them. When they generate paid clients, they will receive a commission. 

You will need to find a company which offers an affiliate program, request to join it and  start referring clients to them. When this happens you will receive a commission over their payments (one-time  or recurring). 

Short Answer; Yes. As many things, you will need  to invest time in it to make this happen. When you have recurring commissions it can turn into a pasive income.  

Find a company you like that offers an affiliate program, join it. After you will get your own unique link which you can share with your network when someone starts paying you can earn a commission.

We love recurring commission programs, which often are the case with Software Affiliate Programs. When it is a software for businesses it also means a higher order value, which is great to kickstart a side-income. See B2B SaaS Affiliate Programs

On our website we have listed the best affiliate marketing courses to watch. From beginner video’s to more advanced. If you want to started in Affiliate Marketing, definitely check out the beginner courses. 

After you joined an affiliate program, start leveraging your network. In order to earn you will need to drive paid clients, the best way to do this is to use your network. Think about social media, email newsletters, website content or any other way.  If allowed, you could run paid ads to generate clients. 

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